Recruitment team end of year 'Oscars ceremony'

Apr 08, 2016

It has been a busy year for Recruitment so the talented team took some time out at the end of the financial year (1st April) to celebrate their achievements. The award categories reflected the components of the Recruitment 'brand pyramid' – Values, Personality, Why Believe, Promise and Positioning – and included awards for "the knowledge sponge", "best attention to detail", "customer relationship champion" and "the problem solver". The Personality category took the theme of the Mr Men and Little Miss characters, with awards for Messy, Funny, Chatterbox, Cheeky and Sunshine. Congratulations to all the winners, below: "Gift of The Gab" - Michael Dodsworth "The One Who Follows the Book" - Steve Waghorn "Best Attention to Detail" - Robert Coleman "Best Team Player" - Steve Lock "Customer Relationship Champion" - Lisa Belcher "Best Communicator" - Jenne Gardiner "The Problem Solver" - Kelly Shoebridge "Moving on Up" - Laura Holdstock "The Knowledge Sponge" - Catherine Lane "Employee of The Year" - Emilie Dobbie Miss Messy - Laura Holdstock Mr Funny - Joel Hawkins Miss Chatterbox - Mel Roper Mr Mischief -Matt Terry Miss Sunshine - Jess Lee