Raising the profile of Yeoman’s

Oct 03, 2017

In 2011, Landscape Services was awarded the contract to run KCC’s Yeoman’s, a Day Centre for Adults with Learning Difficulties, a service that was established over 30 years’ ago.
The Yeoman’s team comprises two support workers, Raffaele Fernicola and Kevin King, who each pick up to six service users every day and together they carry out a range of works, from grass cutting, garden clearances, Dartford Heath clearance works and keeping the Waste Management Monitoring points open.
Raffaele and Kevin also take the service users home at the end of the day. The home pick up and drop off service was introduced in January and it means that the service users are no longer relying on taxis.
Yeoman’s has gone from strength to strength over the last six years and last week Raffaele, Kevin and James Hildsden were invited to make a presentation to at the Bluewater Community Forum meeting. The focus of the meeting was people with disabilities and representations from other organisations included: Bow Arrow Riding for the Disabled Centre; Hi Kent, Kent Association for the Blind and Gravesend Rowing Club.
Landscape Services was delighted to have been invited to showcase the work of the Yeoman’s team and they are very proud of the achievements that have been made over the last six years. The presentation sparked a great deal of interest at the meeting and Kevin has since been discussing collaborative projects with some of the other organisations.