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A crossroads for government agencies

Delivering a diverse portfolio of services, government agencies are at a crossroads in their procurement strategies. Outsourcing providers are under increased financial pressure, contract failures are well publicised and there is an omnipresent drive to embrace a focus on social values activity. The landscape is ever-changing.

Commercial Services Group is well placed to assist government agencies through a unique blend of public sector heritage coupled with a proven track record in the creation of viable alternatives to the outsourcing conveyor belt. This means we can deliver commercially viable options that also drive social values activity. A menu of services provides government agencies with a flexible approach to accommodate your needs around agility, risk management and insourcing.

We offer a unique suite of products and solutions. Whether you need an OJEU compliant route to service providers, a strategic partner that will help drive quality and service delivery improvements, or a model that will realise significant cost savings.

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