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Master Vendor Managed Service (Teckal Joint Venture)

In 2019, Luton Borough Council conducted a comprehensive review of their agency staffing and interim contract. As part of that review they engaged with Commercial Services, after hearing about the successful Teckal Joint Venture with Hampshire County Council and were keen to learn more about how it could benefit them.

The findings of the review identified a number of key areas for development and improvement. Challenges included controlling the financial cost of sourcing temporary staff via a third party provider and the ability to source good quality agency staff and to retain that talent. These are particularly common issues within social work that left unchallenged can have a negative impact on vulnerable service users.

The review involved several levels of benchmarking, including retaining the current outsourcing model, an in-house model and two Teckal joint venture options, including the Commercial Services Group’s model.
The Offering from Commercial Services Group was assessed against all other models and was selected as the preferred option due to its alignment to key drivers which included: quality, value for money, control and governance, which allows ongoing improvements and flexibility to remain aligned to changes in requirements, along with Social Value.

Connect2Luton, a joint venture partnership (using Teckal exemption), was established to meet the Council’s requirements. Based in Luton Town Centre the Connect2Luton team consist of a Business Manager, 2 Resourcers and 2 Talent Partners who all engage with local candidates and the hiring manager community. Connect2Luton work closely with the Council to understand it’s shared goals and realising Luton’s vision together, and how Connect2Luton can be at the forefront to support it moving forward.

With the role of Master Vendor, they have successfully engaged and on-boarded a supply chain of 100+ local, national and international suppliers, to support the direct fill of candidates sourced from their own talent pool.

The benefits of a formal joint venture over other recruitment models include:

  • Programme management improved and complexity removed by sharing leadership time, systems and processes with CSG.
  • Improved leadership and governance via access to CSG’s established knowledge and experience.
  • Access to a wide range of back-office and support structures, reducing risk and operational costs.
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